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We want to stand up for small producers and question the status quo. In order to be able to keep up, we need a strong network of producers so that we can support each other. We push local production with one goal: to offer a clean alternative to industrial mass-produced goods and to mix up the range with good taste in food retailers, in our own shops and at markets and events.

Our goal

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About Us

As Local Food Heroes, we rely on local production and short supply chains. We know exactly where our ingredients come from and how they are grown and processed. Transparency is key because we want you to be able to enjoy with a clear conscience.

Not only do we work together as producers in marketing, we also complement each other in sales, share important know-how and, where possible, try to enable optimized delivery routes with a delivery community. Our main focus is on one thing: together we can do more than alone!

Take a look at our online shop or take a personal trip to one of the regional markets to discover the variety of our products. We are proud to be able to offer you sustainable, transparent and incomparable taste experiences.

Do you want to become part of our community and support the local food culture? Write us an email to

Our company specializes in the production of high-quality sweets made from pure dates, without any additives. Our focus is on providing healthy alternatives to traditional sweets.

Our products are characterized by their natural ingredients and are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. We are aimed at health-conscious people and people with special nutritional needs who value quality and taste.


Through our use of premium dates and our tireless commitment to outstanding product quality, we have already built a loyal customer base. Our goal is to expand our range and open up new sales channels in order to reach even more people with our healthy and delicious sweets

Naturally dates - sweets

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Risotto with natural regional vegetables refined with spices - everything ready and easy to prepare - a healthy, unique taste experience in 20 minutes, free of any additives. Whether vegan or vegetarian, you decide.


Our bestseller? Pumpkin. Pears. Chakalaka.
What is important to us? Sustainable, local, fair, simple (preparation), quality


Our philosophy? Flow food – enjoy healthy, made easy

Sustainable risotto creations
simply. healthy. enjoy.

In our shop we focus on handmade, creative products from various areas. It is important for us to produce products with a clear conscience, so that all materials used are always organic.

made with love in Switzerland

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