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Barohn Schokoriegel in Serviette
Barohni bars shop

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Barohni bars different flavors
Barohni bars different flavors

Swiss Made / Made with love / Plant based / No industrial sugar

We produce various sweet healthy snacks.

Made with dates.

With different flavors such as coconut, hazelnut, 

Tree nut or peanut.  


Our chocolate bars are creations. 


With the ZH - Nickers, Nounty or the date praline, covered with the finest, dark chocolate 72% from Kürzi Kakao. 


Are you excited? To find out more, just go to the shop :)


Have fun with your tasting

Our Bahronis - Simple & Honestly

Barohni chocolate bar with nuts
Barohni ZH Nickers
Barohni chocolate bar with nuts

Freshly prepared

For us, producing Barohnis means making a heartfelt wish come true.


We only use the best ingredients and no additives to offer a sweet alternative that will make everyone happy, whether young or old, without a guilty conscience. We strive to grow all of our ingredients naturally, or from wild-growing, untreated trees and, if possible, unpackaged. 

We are convinced that you can taste the difference - you too?

Barohni - explanation names
Barohni - explanation names

Grass – a renewable raw material that is found in large quantities all over the world and grows back quickly. It is precisely these two properties that make it so attractive for the production of ecological and sustainable products. Our grass paper labels consist of 50 percent sun-dried grass and 50 percent FSC®-certified pulp. This significantly minimizes the consumption of fresh fibers and thus deforestation. In addition, the labels are also vegan.

A few words about our grass etiquette

diiszwii bars in glass
diiszwii bars different flavors in shop
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